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1500 SF, Edgewater frontage,four offices plus break room w/ central A/C
1100 SF, one office, one restroom
1637 Acme Street
Acme Commercial Park
1641 Acme St.
There are so many variables among warehouse spaces that it can be difficult to compare one rental to another.  Size, location, amenities, accessibility, neighboring tenants and other factors all affect a facility's appropriateness for your particular use, and they are difficult to quantify.  The one criteria by which you can easily stack up one warehouse against another is price per square foot.  We're showing you ours on this page.  If you want to find out what our competitors are charging, it's easy to figure out:
How to Calculate Annual Rental Cost Per Square Foot
Take the monthly rent, multiply it by twelve, and divide by the number of square feet.

Cost per square foot = (monthly rent x 12)/square feet

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6120 F Edgewater Dr.
1200 SF, one office, one restroom
(available in May)
Acme Commercial Park
6120 building
Acme Commercial Park
6130 D Edgewater Dr.
1500 SF, Edgewater frontage, reception area and two offices with central A/C
6130 building